• TIMETABLE:- MON:-THU-11.00 – 23.00, FRI:-11.00 – 23.30, SAT:-12.00 – 23.30, SUN:-14.00 – 22.00

Menu 1

Vegetable Samosa (2)

Vegetable pastry L


bolled, pureet vegetables with cream-curry sauce VL, G, M, P

Palak Panir

spinach and cottage cheese, with spicy sauce VL, G

Gulab Jamun (2)

Indian fresh cheese balls in sauce


Menu 2

Meat Samosa (2)

meat pastry L

Chicken Korma

chicken with spiced yoghurt sauce L, G, M, P

Lamb Mughlai

a most delicately flavoured lamb Curry with Cream, Egg and Almond L, G

Jäätelö (2)

chois from different ice-creams with (or without) sauce G


Menu 3

Jhinga ka pakora (2)

fried prawns marinated with gram powder L

Mughlai Chicken Tikka Masala

marinated chicken roasted in the charcoal tandoori oven with spicy sauce L, G

Nariyal Jhinga

shrimps with coconut milk sauce L, G

Kulfi (2)

Indian Ice Cream G


MENU includes rice and naan bread

L = Low lactose content
VL = Lactose-
free G = Gluten-free
P = Nuts
M = Almond